Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro

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Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro Empty Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro

Post by GandWuser on Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:36 pm


Nitori is an engineer, and that means she carries tons of gadgets around. Because of these gadgets, she carries around a huge backpack, meaning that despite her small frame, she doesn't get knocked around easily. Of course, this doesn't help her speed at all. In fact, she's one of the slowest characters! At the same time, she compensates for this lack of maneuverability by having a variety of great long range attacks, as well as a decent, but not great, close-up game. Her range game can mostly be attributed to the two mechanical arms she has in her backpack, which she can use to attack.

Power: A
Speed: C
Jump: D
Defense: B

Walk Speed: Slow

Run Speed: Medium

Jump Height: Low

Falling Speed: Fast

Knockback Resistance: High

Attack Damage: High

Attack Speed: Low


  • High knockback resistance
  • Powerful ranged attacks
  • Small frame makes her a harder target
  • Bizarre fighting style makes her an unpredictable opponent


  • Very slow
  • Aerial game is poor due to lack of height in jumps
  • Close range attacks are mediocre


Normal Attacks

Neutral Combo: Straightforward jabs with the mechanical arms.

Dash Attack: A faceplanting slide, with the mechanical arms in front of her to act as an attack.

Tilt Attacks:

  • Forward: Nitori smacks with a wrench using her normal arms.
  • Down: Nitori takes out a sniper rifle and shoots a bullet in front of her. It doesn't do much damage and has a fair amount of lag, but it has a long range and induces tripping.
  • Up: One of the mechanical hands does a simple finger flicking motion above Nitori.

Aerial Attacks:

  • Neutral: Spins with both of the mechanical hands extended. Sweetspots in the hands.
  • Forward: Airdashes a bit in front of her. Has a noticeable cooldown.
  • Back: Uses an Uzi to fire a round behind her.
  • Down: Stomps down with both of her feet. One of the few moves where she uses her own body to attack. May spike.
  • Up: Copter blades come out of her backpack and spin a bit. Hits multiple times.


Grab: Nitori grabs with the mechanical hands not quite in front of her, but a little bit ahead. Can also be used in air as a grapple recovery.

Pummel: Holds the opponent in one mechanical hand while flicking the opponent in the head with the other.


  • Forward: Winds up a small bit and punches the opponent forward out of her hands.
  • Back: Grabs the opponent by the rear end and tosses them backward over her shoulder.
  • Down: Slams the opponent on the ground.
  • Up: Tosses the opponent straight up and fires her laser gun at them.

Smash Attacks

Forward: Winds up a punch with one first and releases it. The opposite arm retracts to give extra range on the punching arm.

Down: Nitori pounds the ground on both sides of her with her mechanical hands, which are made into fists.

Up: Nitori spins her copter blades super fast. Imagine Peach's down smash, but above her, not below.

Special Moves

Neutral: Nitori takes out a laser gun and shoots a bullet, simialr to Zero Suit Samus but without the paralyzing effect.

Forward: Nitori takes out a small bomb and tosses it forward. After a second, the bomb explodes, leaving a long vertical explosive hitbox in both directions. It doesn't go through solid walls or platforms below it.

Down: Nitori uses a cloaking device to disappear for a second. anyone who attacks her during this time receives explosive damage.

Up: Nitori uses her helicopter blades to fly a bit. She can't go very far though, and she can't attack while using it. She can, however, fly in any direction without trouble for 4 seconds. If she doesn't reach a platform by the time it is over, she will go into helplessness.

Last Word

Super Scope 3D v. 2.0: Nitori disappears off the screen for a moment, only to reappear right in front of the camera with a cannon. She can shoot up to 8 bombs at the players for 12 seconds, though if the 8 bombs are depleted, she will return to the stage.

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Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro Empty Re: Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro

Post by CyberDagger on Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:53 pm

Reserved for placement. Post feedback below here.

Also, be free to be creative here, and if you have suggestions of moves that are entirely different instead of just modifications of those in the OP, feel free to mention them. Those are welcome anywhere, but Nitori is where we need them the most.

This post will be edited at a later time according to its true, nebulous purpose. I just need to talk to James before that.

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Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro Empty Re: Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro

Post by Rokugurin on Mon Mar 23, 2015 8:56 pm

Not bad, guy! Statwise, it's quite identical to my idea for Nitori. So I'll post the attack variations I came up with myself for Nitori.

Neutral Combo:
Smashes the foe with a spanner. Final hit knocks foe away.


  • Forward: Spins a spanner that hits multiple times.
  • Down: Swing a spanner downwards.
  • Up: Delivers a quick uppercut.


  • Neutral: Sticks out a pair of water guns and shoots.
  • Forward: Swings down a crowbar.
  • Back: Leans back to hit with her backpack.
  • Down: Flips upside-down and attacks with a swinging wrecking ball.
  • Up: Sticks out a drill from her backpack that hits multiple times.

Grab & Pummel

For my version of the grab, Nitori extends a claw to catch the opponent. The claw shocks the foe repeatedly for the pummel.


  • Forward: Flings the opponent forward.
  • Back: Slams the foe behind her and sits backwards on them.
  • Down: The claw drags the opponent inside the backpack, where they are damaged before being shot out.
  • Up: Throws the opponent into the air and then fires a missile straight up at her.

Smash Attacks

Forward: Attacks with a spring-powered sign.  
Down: Sticks a spinning gear out of her backpack on both sides of her that hit multiple times.
Up: A boxing glove comes out from the opening at the top of her backpack.


Neutral: Nitori whips out a special gun that shoots blue lasers. The faster the attack button is pressed, the more shots you can fire in succession.

Forward: Nitori tosses out random junk items that cause varying amounts of damage. These items include (from weakest to strongest) a water balloon, a gear, a wrench, a soda can, a small robotic kappa, a hammer and a bomb.

Down: A counter move where Nitori will shortly activate a device to flicker out from sight. Any attack made on her during that moment will fail and Nitori will deal a sucker punch in retaliation.

Up: Propellers spout out from Nitori's backpack to help her fly for a few seconds. Once this duration is over, Nitori will drop in a helpless state.

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Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro Empty Re: Moveset Design Document: Nitori Kawashiro

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