Moveset Design Document: Sanae Kochiya

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Moveset Design Document: Sanae Kochiya Empty Moveset Design Document: Sanae Kochiya

Post by Daniel Y on Sun Mar 08, 2015 4:05 am

Sanae is the second Shrine Maiden, the Luigi to Reimu's Mario, and she knows it.  Sanae is floatier than Reimu and features a decent amount of unusual moves, fueled by RNG and windboxes.  Most of her high-damage moves are tough to land, and she has trouble getting good combos.  That being said, she has a ton of range on her normals, a great recovery, and can pull off miraculous turnarounds with a bit of luck.

Power: C
Speed: D
Jump: A
Defense: B

Walk Speed: Slow

Run Speed: Slow

Jump Height: Mid

Fall Speed: Slow

Knockback Resistance: Low

Attack Damage: Low-Mid

Attack Speed: Mid


  • Tons of disjointed hitboxes
  • Windbox shenanigans
  • Can come back with a bit of luck


  • Rather light
  • Has trouble landing kill moves



Neutral Combo: 2 swipes with her gohei, followed by her palm strike from Soku.  Palm strike has a large disjointed hitbox.

Dash Attack: Sanae winds up, then cuts through her foe, anime-style, pretending her gohei is a sword.


  • Forward: Same animation as Ike's ftilt.  Pretty weak attack though.
  • Up: Sanae twirls her stick similarly to Villager's uptilt.  Creates a windbox above her that pushes people up.
  • Down: Sanae's 3A from Soku, a sliding gohei attack.  Has windboxes that push away foes in front of her after the hitboxes fade, making it safer.


  • Nair: Sanae's Soku j.6A followed by her j.5A—two midair swipes, in then out.  Covers a large area in front of her.
  • Fair: Reimu's Fair.
  • Bair: Backwards gohei swing.  Lingering hitbox, has a windbox past the gohei tip.
  • Uair: Two overhead swipes with the gohei, the first one forward, the second back.  Launches targets behind her.
  • Dair: Two mini-stomps, similar to Peach's Dair.  Has sideways knockback.


Grab: Two-handed grab, mid range.

Pummel: Hammerfist (hit with the underside of the fist)


  • Forward: Reimu's forward throw.
  • Back: Spins the opponent around her and blows them away.  Looks like a psychic throw.
  • Up: Sanae prays, and a pillar of earth pops out from beneath her foe, sending them straight up.  Very powerful.
  • Down: Ness' dthrow, but with a spinning star danmaku instead of fire.  Can combo.


Forward: Sanae unleashes her inner nerd-rage in an overhead gohei swing. (Basically her Soku 6A)
Up: Sanae pulls nearby people towards her, then pulls out a random item in Link's "item get!" pose. Items include Touhou items, anime references, and random stuff from Sanae's possessions, like a clock.
Down: A smaller verison of Sanae's wave-summoning spellcard in Soku.


Neutral: A chargeable star danmaku projectile, similar to Mewtwo's Shadow ball. When thrown, comes from slightly above Sanae's head and moves diagonally downward.
Side: Chargeable projectile attack akin to Greninja's Water Shuriken (charge can't be cancelled, only released). When fully charged, releases snake spirits that chase their foes and will inevitably charge sperm-related jokes. Otherwise, just releases amulets.
Down: Throws out a paper charm bomb that deals random damage, 4 levels of damage. The strongest kills very early, the weakest also hurts Sanae. Can be blown around with any of her windboxes.
Up: Sanae summons a wind beneath her that sends her upward; other characters can also interact with the wind. After activating the wind (and before you touch the ground), you can re-direct the summoned wind with the same input as Pikachu's up-b. This new wind affects all players and Sanae's down-b.


I have no idea what to do for this. If anyone else has ideas, please contribute them Very Happy

Large disjointed hitboxes
2 RNG attacks
Lots of windboxes—Sanae blows everything
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